A Vote for Women is a Vote for Peace

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Vote for the Grassroots!

About 6 months ago I was approached by an organisation called Katerva, to say that our organisation, Safe World for Women, had been nominated for a major award.

At first it was a little difficult to comprehend!

Safe World is not a high profile NGO, we have we only ever been mentioned in the 'mainstream media' on a few occasions.
We have no physical office or paid staff. All our work is done by volunteers - we work from our homes.

So the fact that someone had chosen to nominate us was a wonderful surprise.
Even more so because it was for the work we do with our Field Partners, small grassroots women's organisations in Africa and Asia who we assist by raising their profile and connecting them with potential funders.

As the months have gone by since that first email, we have had more surprises. First we were told we were being considered as Finalists in the Gender Equality Section and then when it was announced our organisation was eligible, along with 50 others, for a global People's Award, to be voted on by people all round the world!

Since all our work is done on the internet, with our administrative centre setup on a Ning Site, just like this one, we know the strength of social media.
Utilising our 21,000 Twitter followers and many Facebook connections, we have been working around the clock to get the votes in!

But there are difficulties. The voting process is a little complex for those with limited internet access. And many members of our grassroots partners have no access to the internet.

If we win the award, it will have a tremendous impact on our work and the work of our Field Partners. It will open the doors to greater opportunities for funding and development and raise the profile of our advocacy work.

Last time I wrote a blog here was about how the cofounder of one of our Field Partners, Farida Afridi was brutally murdered in her home town in the tribal regions of Pakistan.

Her bravery and courage touched and inspired many people around the world. Winning the Katerva People's Award will be a tribute to her and the many women working in dangerous situations to help make it a Safe World for Women.

I was recently interviewed on Irish radio about my work

Safe World For Women Interview 96FM