Africa Rising: How 900 Million African Consumers Offer More Than You Think

(Cecilia Wandiga) #1

Author: Vijay Mahajan
Publisher: Wharton School Publishing (Sept 2008)

Just started reading and really like the book. It has case studies from a diverse cross-section of industries as well as lots of great stats.

Examples of interesting stats:

Africa is richer than India on the basis of gross national income (GNI) per capita, and a dozen African countries have a higher GNI per capita than China. (inside flap)

If Africa were a single country, according to World Bank data, it would have had $978 billion total gross national income (GNI) in 2006…Africa would show up as the tenth largest economy in the world…In fact, this places Africa ahead of …Brazil, Russia, India… (p.7)

Portrayal of opportunities and challenges is fair and balanced.
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(Pete Ondeng) #2

Hi Cecilia,

Africa certainly has an upside that few people out there rarely hear about. I would love to hear your thoughts on "Africa’s Moment by Pete Ondeng (me). See




(Cecilia Wandiga) #3

Hi Pete,

Just made a donation and looking forward to reading the book. With respect to the website & YouTube channel, if you could categorize the content for impatient people like myself who like to fly through everything that would be helpful (e.g. AIDs, Environment,…).

I’m a huge fan of the use of film to foster understanding as well as to provide youth with a constructive channel for self-expression. Just saw Slumdog Millionaire yesterday and can’t wait for the day when we are paying to go to a movie theatre to see independent films produced by youth from around the world.

If you are not already doing this, how about having youth pull together a documentary explaining the post-election violence from their perspective and have them interview political leaders and elders in the community (compare and contrast generational perspectives)? I don’t know about others but I would personally be fascinated to see it.

Keep up the amazing work and create a Nairobiwood we can be proud of!!!



(Linley Chiwona-Karltun) #4

Thank you for this recomendation as a teacher I am always on the look out for resource materials. I convene a course on rurality , livelihoods and gender for post-grads. Do you know of any other resources like talks or cd/dvds illustrating issues such as these?