Assistance in starting a tourism and heritage bussiness

(Ncebakazi) #1

My name is Ncebakazi and i am delighted to join this group. I am looking at starting up a tourism bussiness before 2010 world cup which will employ disadvantaged communities. I have experience in the tourism industry as i have previously worked at robben island and i have done my research and a standard bussiness plan already. The bussiness will be about the collaboration of the morden living styles and a journey about where a certain clan is coming from and their tradition. At this point in South Africa there is n’t a bussiness which operates exactly this way.Please assist me in connection with the steps and how i can raise the funds for this bussiness.


(Ida Horner) #2

Hi there,

You may want to consider providing more inforamtion about the project

Why should anyone fund this project
Who are the stake holders?
Why should tourists come to your project as oppossed to the more popular sights like robben Island or Table mountains
Where is the project lcoated and why?

Just a few thoughts
Best wishes

Have you got some photographs?


(Ncebakazi) #3

At the moment nothing is happening i got an investor recently and i’m just waiting for the go ahead from them. Let me brief you a bit about the project At the moment in South Africa there is n’t a tourism business which provides the service that we will offer to the public. It is a 3 in 1 tourism adventure.
The business idea is to operate township tours(coloured and black communities) and wine cellar tours, lastly a tour in our Traditional restaurant where traditional meals( buffet) and a bit of Western food is served and visitors are told about the history of the previously disadvantaged communities. The restaurant can also be used as a conference venue and for other occasions as well, and it is a unique venue. Basically the experience is a collaboration of the modern and the ancient ways of living.The business will generate a lot of income more especially now that 2010 is around the corner to generate income.
Tourism in South Africa is one of the most productive industries and I know this since I have experience in the tourism and customer industry, i have worked in Robben Island before.