"Business and Poverty. Innovative Strategies for Global CSR"

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To what extent should companies engage in socio-economic problems in developing countries where they have businesses? How can companies create wealth for the poor? How can the private sector thereby use its strengths? What are the successes and failures and how can we learn from them?

Fundación CODESPA and ICEP presents the casebook Business and Poverty: Innovative Strategies for Global CSR, which compiles nine business cases on private sector contribution to development. The book shows how European multinationals orient their global CSR strategies in order to contribute to a more equal and sustainable society and how those strategies are a powerful tool for risk reduction and for extracting benefits derived from working in developing countries. On Business and Poverty, business cases have an exceptional framework given by experts and celebrities like Edward Freeman, creator of the Stakeholder Theory; Björn Stigson, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) President; and Wilfried Luetkenhorst, UNIDO Chief of Cabinet and Director.

Interested can download a free copy of Business and Poverty at Fundación CODESPA website [click here]or at Global CSR website.

Also, you can request a free print copy at innovacion@codespa.org. Only 10 euros for postal service cost.

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CODESPA is a non-profit organization based in Spain that works on International Cooperation since 1985. CODESPA has the aim to contribute to poverty alleviation through social and economic development. CODESPA gives opportunities to people for their own development and facilitates them the appropriate tools to achieve that: access to microfinance, professional training and commercialization support. During its 25 years of history has worked in 36 developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Its President of Honour is His Royal Highness the Prince Felipe de Borbón.

ICEP – Institute for Development Cooperation – is a private, independent non-profit organisation based in Austria that aims at effectively contributing to global poverty-alleviation. For that matter, ICEP consults partners in developing countries in the integration of poor people into economic cycles and offers support in building sustainable structures. ICEP’s strategy in developing countries is complemented by awareness raising efforts in Europe for the high-potential of synergies of business and development. ICEP puts the positive effects of such collaboration in the spotlight of Austrian businesses.

Silvia Loro | Research and Social Innovation Department | innovacion@codespa.org | (+34) 91 744 42 40

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Estimada Silvia, muchas gracias por el post y el documento. Me parece muy interesante.

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Querido Jaime Moreno Mateos,

Muchísimas gracias por tu interés en nuestra publicación y por el aviso sobre el error en el enlace.

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