Conflicts and Economic Development.

(Solomon Brayant Mpapale) #1

Dear all,

This is an intereresting topic, no doubt and i would wish to make some interesting observations as well:The relationship between Conflict and peace and economic development is not very clear is context specific and still pre-occupies many researchers in social sciences.For example many diamond and oil rich countries in Africa are ravaged by armed conflicts good examples being Nigeria,Angola,DRC,Sierre Leone,and the Sudan.The same way,Angola and Mozambique are now the fastest growing economies in Africa and also among the top in the world mainly due to mineral wealth.But they have conflict backgrounds and are still poor.

On the other hand, Singapore,China,Malaysia,and the oil rich gulf states are not so free and democratic but very advanced economically thus establishing the paradoxical paradigm.My question then would be:what oughts to be the relashionship between Democarcy,peace,conflicts and Economic development?In other words,how best can resource rich countries like Iraq avoid deadly conflicts and how can poor democracies like Benin,Mali,Ghana or Tanzania develop?