Corporate Sponsorship - how do we entice businesses into socially responsible partnerships

(Tim Jackson) #1

Our organization, Uhuru Child, is a Kenyan based non profit. We attempt to provide employment through the creation of sustainable businesses in impoverished African communities. Additionally we establish secondary schools and provide scholarships to young ladies who otherwise would have no opportunity to obtain a high school education. We currently operate two businesses employing 40 previously unemployed Kenyans. We also opened a girls secondary school this past January that currently has 21 form one girls, 13 of whom are on scholarship. Both the businesses and the school are designed to be self sustaining. But neither can support rapid expansion. So how do we entice the business community to participate in the expansion of these endeavors. We are a registered 501(©3 with audited financials. Advice is appreciated - Tim Jackson, CFO - Uhuru Child.


(Tambi Ali Mohammed) #2

this might give you an idea of where to start .