Cutural diversity Tour Of Iran

(Antony Adrian DEAMER) #1

Hi Partners in Peace !

This is a Wonderful initiative. I would Love to be able to Assist Iran to take its Rightful place in the world as Leader in Peace Studies However It is very hard for me to participate while the Iranian government is Persecuting its own citizens, the very ones who initiated the Wolds Peace Programs. Who teach nothing but peace and loyalty to their government in every country of the world, their founder came to bring Peace to the world and the Iranian Baha’is have spread out around the world with nothing but the message of peace and world unity; not a Message of uniformity but one of Unity in Diversity, one that allows the small tribes of the Pacific Ocean or the huge continental masses of India to live together in harmony. Yet the Government of Iran is bent on destroying their very foundations in their Home Land. A land, that is revered by Baha’is around the world as the birth place of World Peace, of women’s rights and equality, of the United Nations, all this have only come about because of the Iranian Prisoner exiled from his home land to Iraq and then to Turkey and finally Imprisoned by the Ottoman Empire in the ancient Prison city of Akko, Palestine and all because he said the World is but one county and mankind its citizens’ or the We are the leaves of one branch and the fruit of one tree, and that the Poor in Our midst "Are Our (God’s) trust and that we should Guard that trust. Building social and economic projects are what we do, in the tourism sector, or working in the prisons, to try and change the lives of hardened criminals , or in the health sector to bring about better living conditions, etc. We teach nothing but Peace and Loyalty to Government We do not get involved in Partisan Politicks
Yet in this day of Religious freedom, my Baha’i Brothers and Sisters in Iran are jailed on “Trumped up charges” and even excited just for being “Lovers of Humanity” and trying to bring peace on earth ! How can you help us bring a stop to this! Only then will Iran take its rightful place as a world leader ! Only hen will other countries see Iran as a “Peace loving nation” an not a threat. Iran has the potential to become a World leader and so it should be after all the message of Peace that millions are following came out of Iran, if only the leaders were not so blinded by religious hatred.

Yours in the enterprise of building World peace.

Tony Deamer Port Vila Vanuatu.


(Solomon Brayant Mpapale) #2

Dear Tony,

What you describe is obviously an unfortunate situation and one that is clearly alarming.The behaviour of the Iranian regime has indeed sometimes been outrageous and boardered on extremism.That is a public secret.

However what is important is that we should find ways of dealing with that.We must see if avenues exist for accomodation and dialogue.Iam happy you sound a bit optimistic that all is not lost.

If the Iranian regime can be talked to, then it would be possible to include it as a partner in fighting extremism in the Middle East,fixng even bigger problems in Iraq and also in Afghanistan and also to resolve the kurdish question that spreads across many of the countries in the region and then address the rights of religious minorities and racial groups.Thats important indeed.

I think such chances exist as we have moderates in Iran led by the likes of Khatami for example.Recently, the president Ahmedinejad visited my country Kenya.If he is building these kinds of bridges and also with countries like the Comoros, then it would be easier to convince him that the true interests of the people of Iran lie not with belligerent rhetoric but with peace with world.

This done, we can then roll out business ventures to eradicate poverty.

Solomon Mpapale,