Ethnicity, Peace and Economic Development.

(Solomon Brayant Mpapale) #1

I wish to raise a faily common issue especially in Africa.This is the Scramble for Scarce Resources based on Ethnicity as seen in Rwanda and Burundi between Tutsis and Hutus,In Darfur,Somalia,Kenya, and also DRC and Apartheid South Africa.How Feasible is it to use Business to overcome these Challenges given that in most cases the business class comes from certian ethnic gruops who have a better strangle hold on economies like for example the Bamileke of Cameroon,Kikuyu of Kenya,Tutsis in Congo,Rwanda and Burundi,Jews in USA, and Europe,Badanga in Uganda and The Lebanese community in parts of West and Central Africa?



Hi, we meet gain. Indeed this is a challenge. I think that corruption has brought about the monoply by a few of the countries resources. Business has no color and no ethin group. Would liberalisation make a difference ? Would this allow fair competiton in business, would it end governemt interfererance in business?