Free Entrepreneurship Education Material

(Mogens Thomsen) #1

Entrepreneurship education is about transforming an idea into reality and then actually try to do it. It is opposite to the academic approach where you only talk about entrepreneurship and study books.

On the website Business plan information will educators find inspiration for their own entrepreneurship lectures and you can download and use free education material.

I think excellent entrepreneurship education consist of three ingredients:

  1. Creativity – creating all kinds of ideas
  2. Innovation - find the value in selected ideas
  3. Entrepreneurship – develop a business from the innovative idea

Here you find education material focusing on "entrepreneurship" - i. e. developing a business plan. You will find templates for budgeting and creating the business plan, examples for business plans, lots of information and a suggestion to curriculum for the education.

All you need to commence you own entrepreneurship education.

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