Harnessing Value Chains for the SDGs: How Far Have We Come, and What Next to Deepen Scale and Impact?

(Rachael Clay) #81

John - I like your suggestion to shift from audits to engage workers and even consumers, and would be great to see leadership from one sector or geography. Rachael

John Morrison said:

I think there should be a year where no companies are allowed to do auditing or social reports, instead the money should be invested in more innovative approaches that directly involve workers themselves, shareholders or consumers. It will take something significant to shift us out of current behaviour patterns. Post Rana Plaza at least got actors thinking together and taking an impact-led approach - but how successful have we been in involving consumers in such approaches?

Rachael Clay said:

Hi, Rachael Clay, Director of Ethicore here.

The question of how to translate principles in to practice is a critical one. Many companies want to move beyond box ticking and reporting, to really focus on solutions to challenging risks and problems. How can we turn projects and pilots in to real long-term changes in value chains? What support do you think is required for companies (and INGOs) to translate?

Thanks for your thoughts!