Have we created a socio-cultural climate that breeds violence?

(James O. Akpeninor) #1

Wealth and power are distributed very unevenly in the less developed societies that the great majority of people, preoccupied with daily struggles to eek out a living have hardly any material possessions and modest chances of improving their lot. Meanwhile, leaders, rich merchants, politicians and high-ranking civil servants often accumulate and flaunt massive wealth which to an extent is expected and accepted in their underdeveloped societies. Most of these elite retain power through networks of patronage; they secure and distribute contracts and receive political support in return. Hence the increasing wave of youth restiveness, upsurges of sectarian violence and bombings like the Boko Haram sect in some northern parts of Nigeria over and above other types of social unrest threatening the national and international security that are the direct consequence of poverty occasioned by the high unemployment rate in the society.

  • Have we as a consequence, created a socio-cultural climate that breeds violence?
  • What can we do to control these destructive inclinations?

The question whether contemporary society experience an ambiance which breeds violence must be answered with assent, just not because violence is shown day after day in the media, movies and comic strips rather, many people live under conditions of extreme poverty within a culture of increasing insensitivity that is out-rightly glorified or overtly as a behavior that those who exercise substantial power in the society with the economic means can do virtually nothing to be their brothers' keeper.

This is the theme of my current Book entitled "Giant in the Sun: Echoes of Revolution".

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James Akpeninor

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