How business can fight poverty

(Bwire Edgar) #1

Hullo team
I am a hearing impaired young Man from Uganda and i got interested in this discussion and felt i should also contribute something to see how business can fight Ebola.
We all know Ebola as a disease and so when you talk of fighting it, two things must be put into consideration and these are PREVENTION and CURE.
So how can it be prevented? The business community need to carry out prevention campaigns from the everyday activities they do, they can also generate funds to disseminate prevention measures in many ways such as by Televisions, radios, news papers and many more.
When it comes to cure, the business community have a social responsibility of generating funds to build health centers, buy medicine and ensure that any infected person receives palliative care as much as possible.
Some health centers are not accessible in Africa so why not upgrade roads and also donate ambulances?
Thank you, that's my contribution, May God bless you