How Can We Scale Social Solutions to Packaging Waste and Pollution?

Join us for a live written discussion with a panel of experts to deepen understanding of the social impacts of packaging waste and pollution and discuss how can can scale up solutions.

Live Panel

This online written discussion has been postponed in light of developments with COVID-19. If you would like to be notified when the date is reconfirmed please email us here


Many companies are actively developing ambitious targets and strategies to tackle the packaging waste issue, including around reducing and replacing plastics in their packaging; redesigning packaging to ensure it can be reused, and adopting a circular economy approach.

In practice, a number of significant challenges lie in the way of progress. Some have suggested that not enough attention is being paid to the social dimension. And where solutions exist, few have been scaled.

Join this online written discussion to hear from experts on social solutions to our global packaging waste issues. Learn about the leading edge thinking and add you insights and ideas about ways to really scale up solutions.

If you are interested in learning more, you have questions that need answering or you have ideas that need sharing, please join us for this discussion.

The discussion may cover topics such as: how can we better support employment opportunities, incomes and working standards of waste pickers?; what are the impact of packaging pollution on people’s health?; is there a win win between the social benefits and environment cost of small sachet packaging?.



Moderator: Katie Hyson, Director of Thought Leadership, Business Fights Poverty


Q1. Packaging pollution is bad for everyone - but what are the missing social and environmental factors that are complicating finding lasting solutions to this global problem?

Q2. Where are the examples of packaging waste and recycling programmes with a strong social dimension? Why are they so great and how can bigger businesses be part of this?

Q3. What are the challenges and opportunities in scaling up social solutions to packaging waste and pollution?

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