How Music May Serve as a Nudge for More Ethical and Peaceful Business Behavior

(Business Fights Poverty) #1

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Olivier Urbain’s presence in the special issue features as part of the Business Fights Poverty Challenge on Business, Music and Peace, and in the conferences that we held on topic is inspiring and validating. To have someone of Urbain’s stature willing to take time, not only for an appearance for a conference, but to engage in ongoing exploration of the possibilities of the topic provides a significant boost to the validity of the topic itself. Of course, there is a reason for why he has that effect. His searching intellect both opens and refines ideas in a way that move any conversation forward and productively. His contribution to this special issue thus calls for our attention. In the first section of the special issue, I rely on his themes in exploring music for peacebuilding and connect those themes to the research on business and peace. Both music and business are ambivalent. They can be used both negatively and positively. Similarly, music and business may be universal in the sense that they are present everywhere, but the variety of the experiences of each suggests that there is no one universal form of either. Third, individuals participate in the experience of music in different ways – what some have called musicking – just as people participate in business in different ways. One might create, participate, or consume with each. Urbain’s fourth point – that repetition is central to music – is also present in both business and in business ethics. To create…