More knowledge and scope for entrepreneures

(Kumar Sourav) #1


I am an entrepreneur and looking forward to start a school for entrepreneurs to impart them knowledge about challenges and scope in this path. This will also aim at supporting them in raising fund for their ideas. Those who wish to join in and invest may contact me or +91-9705813395 (India)

(Paul Roviss Khambule) #2

Hi Kumar,

That will be very lovely. Many people, especial the youth has lots and lots of energy and that energy get wasted because they dont know where to channel it.

They have great ideas and all they need is support and being taught on how they get go about. You are stepping at the right direction.


(Kumar Sourav) #3

Thank You sir.
I will like to seek your help since i am a young guy looking forward to become a support for all the entrepreneure. I will be happy if i can get your support as a partner and helping me in raising more funds and experience.