Mother's Delivery Kits - Saving Lives in Nigeria

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Mother's Delivery Kit


Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Mother's Delivery Kit Ventures is a social enterprise, established to promote and enhance safe births, and to ensure the sustainability of the work of Brown Button Foundation.

We supply birthing kits to health centres, hospitals, universities, and Traditional Birth Attendants.

Outlets need to be approved by the Brown Button Foundation. Whenever applicable, we will provide relevant training for accreditation to use the kits. This is to ensure safe use of the kits.

The Safety of mother and baby is our priority.


A world free of avoidable deaths of mothers and babies - where every mother gives birth with the confidence that she has proper medical support, regardless of her economic status.


To improve maternal health and infant health in Nigeria (and worldwide) through the provision of safe, affordable, comprehensive delivery kits and the training of traditional birth attendants by skilled medical professionals.

Clean delivery kits help women protect their own health, as well as the health of their babies.

Beyond the immediate health effects, local development, production, and distribution of clean delivery kits will help establish and/or strengthen local women’s organisations and help strengthen community health workers' involvement in health care.

And the more women who safely deliver their babies, and the more women who experience the realities of infection avoidance in birth, the more women there will be who can help their sisters or neighbours or daughters to have safe births as well.

The clean delivery kit begins a cycle of health and well-being that stretches much further than the home it is used in.


Every mother should be entitled to access to expert health care, regardless of economic status and location, to ensure the health, safety and well-being of herself and her baby.

We believe:

  • The location of a woman at childbirth should never be a predominant factor whether she, and her baby, dies or survives.
  • No baby should grow up without mother’s love.
  • No family should be deprived of having a mother.

Help us save more mothers and babies!

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