Rethinking Collaboration for the SDGs


(Business Fights Poverty) #1

How can business collaborate more effectively for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? That was the focus on a discussion hosted at our recent event, Business Fights Poverty NYC 2017. (You can watch the video of this and other sessions here). We’d like to explore the same theme during this online discussion.

Can you give some practical examples of how businesses are collaborating with other businesses, civil society and/or government in support of one or more of the SDGs? Are certain SDGs particularly well suited to a collaborative approach from business? Ar* e there ‘easy wins’ out there?

  • How can we make collaboration more effective and efficient? How do we reduce duplication between initiatives and focus resources more effectively? Can you share examples of what works, and lessons from what doesn’t?

  • How can we drive collaboration from the sustainability function into the core of the business? Do we need to more actively build skills and capabilities to partner?

  • What does success look like? Do we need to do more to gather evidence of impact of collaboration - both in terms of meeting SDGs as well as business benefit?

We look forward to hearing your views!