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(Will Snell) #1

I run Skills Venture, which is founded on the premise that Western business people can put their skills and experience to good use by mentoring entrepreneurs in Africa, and thus helping them to grow their businesses, and create jobs and wealth.

I am keen to hear from others with experiences or views on sharing skills in this way, and to start a discussion about how best the skills of people inside and outside Africa (include the diaspora) can be put to best use to support economic growth there, whether the support given is in person or online.
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(Denise kinloch) #2

This sound’s like a wonderful and innovative idea.However, if we (Western) started mentoring entreprenurs in Africa, we must be careful not to exclude hertiage and culture beliefs in the native land and instead of it being good for the country it began to become a profit thing (for us) than help—just a thought.

(Will Snell) #3

Absolutely - it has to be done in a way that is culturally sensitive, and is about two-way learning and exchange of ideas.

(Ida Horner) #4

Hi Will,

Have you heard of Ed

(Will Snell) #5

No - but it looks very interesting - thanks!


(Ida Horner) #6

I am one of the day’s speakers. Get in touch with them I understood that they may have tickets available
I also understand they plan to do this in Kenya in December and were looking for speakers. I am in Uganda and tanzania from 12 december to 4 Jan so I have expressed an interest in joining them in kenya if their dates fit in.

Are you on Twitter, if so look me up Ethnicsupplies and I will introdcue you to Ed

(Will Snell) #7

Yes I saw! Looks great but unfortunately I can’t make it on the 25th. Kenya is interesting in December although I wouldn’t be able to commit to anything for then as I will probably be somewhere in the Middle East.

Not using twitter at the moment. What do you use it for?


(Ida Horner) #8

I use twitter for all sorts and that is how i heard about the african gathering thing, I promote my projects, chat to people, share what I know etc

(Will Snell) #9

Really - interesting. I will give it a go!


HI, Will,
This is a brilliant idea. Entrepreneurs in Africa could do with mentoring from more advanced entrepreneurs who have the time and are willing to passon skills. I am a business woman myself and belong to an association which promotes entrepreneurshp among women most of who are small scale business operators. Most of our members lack management skills, financial literacy, product development and packging, marketing, are constrained by lack of affrodable credit. In response to the last issue we started a Savings and Credit Cooperative Society. Our major challenge at the moment is loan recovery, members do not know how to prepare cashflows etc there is great need for training and mentoring , people sometimes learn and appreciate better from hearing a successful experience than mere training sessions. Perhaps you could develop a programme tailor made to our women in Uganda and partner with Uganda Women Entrepreneurs’ Association to pilot it. UWEAL has a resource center (Though with limited number of computers)which could be used for online meetings and e’learning, we also have website. What do you think? UWEAL can be contacted through e’mail address, contact person Executive Director.
Thanks, Pauline Ofong

(Will Snell) #11

Hi Pauline, thanks for yours, and it’s interesting to hear what UWEAL is up to. At some point in the future we would be very interested in this kind of partnership. However, at the moment our capacity is very limited, so we are restricting ourselves to Kenya. However I will keep your details in mind for the future!

Best wishes


(Ida Horner) #12

Hi Pauline,

I am surprised at this as I contacted your organsisation nearly a eyar ago or so now and offered my services for free but didn’t get a response.

As it is I stronlgy believe that you have these skills on the ground already but just need to tap into into them. I have identified the missing link ( which is someone shwoing you who to tap into the skills on the ground) and I am in the process of devising a programme that will plug this hole for want of better word. I am however looking for an institution on the ground that will pick up this programme and run with it once I leave.

If you therefore feel that you are best placed to take this programme forward please drop me a note,and unless I get people on the ground to take this forward then it will not happen. I expect to be in Uganda in December to introduce this programme an may be there earlier on other matters in which case we can meet up prior to December should wish to participate

Hope that make sense


Dear Ida
Thanks for this response. UWEAL is the institution you are looking for. I am ready to spearhead and ensure that the programme moves forward once it is introduced in Uganda. Lets talk more about this.


Hi, Will
Thanks, Kenya is very near to us. We have a network for business women in East Africa, there are a number of projects we are planning to work on together, like producing for the Scandinavian market under one brand name “DA’BIDI” so your input will rub off to some Uganda women, we are likely to benefit.
Hope to hear from your initiative in the near future

(Ida Horner) #15


I am in Uganda next week but only for a few days, if you want to meet up drop me a note with your number and I will call you on arrival.


Its great to learn that you will be in Uganda next week. Please call me on cell No 256772 486 763
I will be happy to meet with you
Looking forward to seeing you.
Thanks and best regards,

(Ida Horner) #17


It was good to meet you in Uganda last week. I met with the deputy director of the Uganda Investment authority after our meeting. I mentioned you to him and our discussion and he is happy to champion your work. He suggested that I drop him an email regarding the planned workshops and introduce you to him.

I would be grateful therefore if you kindly let me have your email address

Kind regards


Thanks so much, I was happyto meet you and talk to you face to face. You have very good ideas which we can build on. fro d for I am glad we can keep our contact alive you have

(Amana Nova) #19

Hey Will, So good to hear that you are doing such great work.
I am doing a similar project in Indonesia. Check us out at
Love to share ideas with you.
Best of Luck…

(Will Snell) #20

Hi Amana

Thanks for yours - good to hear from you. Sounds very interesting! How are you finding things in Indonesia?