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Did I send you my e’mail; if not here it is; I have been very busy lately involved in an activity to set up Business to Business networks between women entreperenuers from Middle East and Northern Africa and African Business Women Network. I was finally elected co-chair of the network representing Africa and another lady was elected as Co- chair representing Middle East and North Africa. This network provides a unique opportuntiy for women in the regions and across regions to do business together. On 10th June,2009, the day the World Economic Forum was opened in South Africa, Cape Town. Africa Women Business Network (AWBN) was also launched. I am proud to be part of the process.
I hope that you will put me in touch with the gentleman at Investment Authority. I tried the number of the gentle man at Mbuya but failed to connect with him.
Thank you.

(Ida Horner) #22

Hi Pauline,

Firstly I apologise for a late response and many congratulations on your achievements. I forwarded your details to Tom Birungiriza Deputy chair of the Uganda investment authority. I spoke to him a while ago and he promised to drop me a note in response to my proposal, I have not heard from him to date.

I am still happy to help if I can. I looking forward to my next trip to Uganda in December and it would be great if we can do something together specifically on the value of networking

kind regards


(Will Snell) #23

Thanks Frederick, sounds good. What are you up to in Ghana?

(Will Snell) #24

Sounds good. Do you know stephen kwaw who ran ghana entrepreneurship week?

(Will Snell) #25

Worth having a look - he runs