Theme 9: Where do we go from here

The discussions revolve around the importance of multi-sectoral approaches and the encouragement of stakeholder involvement in PTC. I find Dr. Forrer’s argument about the framework for good global citizenship to be extremely important. However, I have doubts over how to (or whether it is possible to) aggregate the individual attempts. How can we connect the understanding of good global citizenship with corporate social responsibility and Peace through Commerce attempts?

Dear Marc,

I agree with your idea to look at social qualities, I am learning more from your, dear presenters, discussion, and want to add what I have found in my professional career:

  1. it is high importance of professional ethics and clear understanding of personal and professional interests/intentions where the conflict could arise, for example as management consultant I have to obey our Local Professional Ethics Code (especially if local organization is the member of The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes, and support others do it as well, and as a professionals who keep high standards we are educating our clients.
  2. as Professional Coach I have learnt about consciousness scale in the book Power vs Force by David R. Hawkins, that in general the level of humanity consciousness is growing and it is clear that we are different and our goal to realize our personal missions and transfer our knowledge/skills, increase the level of critical mass of responsible leaders/professionals/people. We can see there are a lot of authors who wrote about self awareness, happiness, self-improvement and so on. I see the ecological coaching (I like the Erickson College’ approach) as one of effective instruments in business with great social impact.
  3. Professionals as participants at this Forum could do round tables/forums locally using consulting and coaching tools and develop a vision and first steps for change in short periods of time.

If it is interesting I would be glad to provide you with further information,
Thanks a lot for this great eConference to all organizers and presenters!


Efe -

This is a great area of future work. A shorthand perspective could see firms embracing CSR strategies that are designed to meet PTC objectives. The choice of these strategies would be based on the contribution a firm could make to advancing PTC goals. And the identification of these actions would be borne out of a collaborative process involving many global governance players ( NGOs, governments, international agencies, local civil society, etc.) who share a vision of what is wanted and what should work. In this formulation, a shift is made form justifying CSR policies because og the effect on a firm’s stakeholders to a justification of a demonstrable contribution to building fostering peace. Of course, benefit to stakeholders is not eliminated and you would expect that advancing peace owuld in facy benefit manty stakeholders, but the justification for choosing one action over another is guided first by the contribution to peace. Finally, many of these actions by firms do not have to be dramatic but can be grounded in day-to-day business operations or even new business opportunities.