Volunteerism: the intersection of charity and business

(Camille Van Neer) #1

Hi there,

My name's Camille. I am 52 years old, from the Netherlands, living and working out of India for the past 12 years. In 2006 I founded an organization called 'AMAIDI', which means 'peace' in the regional Tamil language spoken in the State of Tamil Nadu where I live with my Indian wife and our twins. AMAIDI is about contributing to the happiness of people at the bottom of the pyramid by assisting them directly and indirectly through volunteerism, responsible tourism and social investment. Although we do see a drop in volunteers and voluntourists due to the global financial crisis, I can say we're doing well and are presently spreading our wings to offer our services to other other countries in Asia and in Africa and the Americas. AMAIDI is an iNGO, serving local NGO's, schools, hospitals and social enterprises all over the planet.

The discussion I would like to start aims at answering the question what exactly is or should be the role of volunteerism on the intersection of charity and business. In my work , I help businesses think about a posssible CSR strategy, involving employees in volunteer programs, connecting those volunteers with partners (NGOs, schools etc.) that we have in our network in the countries we work in.

Please feel welcome to join in!