Why might business contribute to peace?

(Alexander Mtsendero) #1

Firstly, a business might contribute to peace because it makes a rational sense to do so. Peace is likened to orderly non-chaotic thoughts and behaviours that a business pursues primarily. It takes a peaceful business to come up with products and services that offer solutions to society's problems or needs.To make sales is hard if a firm's product is in conflict with society's values therefore it is only rational to be responsible at least in the eyes of the society for acceptance and marketing sense. Any alternative otherwise would mean chaos and conflict to society at the expense of not only business value but also social value and might lead to business failure or closure. Thus, contribution to peace by a business might ensure its survival given alignment to society's values.

Secondly, it might only play out okay for a business to pursue chaos if it is in arms dealing in the short term. However, the irrational behaviour would result in an outcry of depravity thereby causing business failure in the long run. Peace is a fundamental need of every human being and so for every business run by human beings in order to identify with who we are. Any practice to the contrary is seen as anti-moral or unethical by society without whom the business falls into extinct. Thus, peace is pursued for sustainability sake.

The world dictates to us what a business should do if it is to continue its role of adding social value and it is often gauged by a firm's "peaceful products" such products that do not explode and cause chaos for example. Therefore business is primarily meant to create peace whatever the meaning of peace might be to a particular community around or better still in society's perspective.