Yunus: Creating a world without poverty: Social Business, Future of Capitalism

You won’t see many books like this one. Summarising 31 years of organisational practice that has caused a transformation in the global market sector of banking (microcredit), it also provides sufficient governance maps to systemise a grassroots up challenge to any global market sector that has lost touch of its responsibility to local societies. If there’s an issue that you ranks a urgent: ending poverty, normalisng climate, proactively preventing crashes such as this one’s in basic foods - then please read this book, and join our 1000 member bookclub
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I’ve bought, read and appreciate this book. I have also (with Chris’ help) shared copies with friends in Kenya, and hope to share some with friends in Nigeria soon too.

I usually meet some of my friends (including some of these African friends) online on the first Thursday of the month and I hope our discussions will soon include our impressions of the book. The chat times have varied a bit, to try to fit with different people’s time zones, but are usually late afternoon/early evening in E.Africa and E Europe, early/mid afternoon UK and West Africa, and still rather early morning in New York. Fellow readers are welcome to join us at
worknets chat room I usually try to be there unless I am travelling. We will be discussing other issues too, depending on who turns up and our main shared concerns.

I’ve only met Pamela in person once? She is inspiring. As a semi-retired teacher, she visits rural Africa (especially Nigeria? Kenya?) whenever funds etc permits to mentor teachers in what possibilities could be - if we (anyone who cares beyind the culture they live in) focused on linking in the world’s most underprivliged kids. It turns out that even without access to the internet, 9 year old African kids can imagine how much better a networked world will be. I hope those well healed enough to bring the www to them wont let them down.

I wonder whether the XO laptop is on the same map as pamela, or not