Can anyone recommend contacts in Nordic countries and studies of inclusive business ecosystem in emerging markets/BOP

Dear all,

I shall be very grateful if you would give me your advice.

I am doing a desk research of finding studies/analysis that have been done by universities or research institutions in Nordic
countries. The studies/analysis could be anything about the inclusive business ecosystem when Nordic companies tap into emerging markets/Base of the Pyramid (BOP). My purpose is to read the studies/analysis and contact the authors/researchers/professors accordingly.

One example is this Guide from Finland, ‘Doing Business At Emerging Markets: Guide For Inclusive Innovation’ by Aalto Global Impact.

Thank you for your help.

Hi Richard - a good place to start would be the Swedish-led initiative, Innovations Against Poverty ( Two Business Fights Poverty members are closely involved, and I’m sure would be happy to tell you more: Ruth Brannvall ( and Caroline Ashley ( Good luck!

Dear Zahid Torres,

Thanks for your advice. I have sent personal emails to them accordingly. Have a nice weekend!

Dear Richard, in the case of Denmark, I will recommend the Centre for Business and Development Studies at Copenhagen Business School, Danish Institute for International Studies and by the Universe Foundation.

Niels Dyrelund


Thanks for your advice. Will look into them.




we have been working with Daxam in Sweden, and Mike Debelak is very resourceful and will be able to orient you on what is going on in the inclusive business arena there (

As you mention, Aalto Global Impact are the ones that have done most work from a methodological perspective. For Denmark, besides Niels recommendations, check also Access to Innovation (Jacob Ryan is the head of secretariat, and Sarah Ballan or Andreas Flensborg from the BOP Danish Learning Lab have also very interesting work around the issue (

Good luck!

Dear Fernando,

Good stuff! Many thanks!


Hi Richard - also check the Danish BoP learning lab, I believe they have various publications/ case studies:

Grundfos' Lifelink intiative may also be of interest: And maybe Ericsson's work too:

Cheers, Pabla

Dear Pabla,

Thanks for your information. I had checked the Danish BoP learning lab already but will take a closer look at Ericsson.




Another progressive company is Telenor who has been teaming up with Microfinance institutions to expand mobile payments. Check out their website.