How can we mitigate the impact on and provide support to vulnerable individuals during the transition from 3G mobile networks?

Join us for this online written discussion to exchange perspectives and experiences on the transition away from 3G mobile networks. Delve into the ramifications of this shift and discusses strategies to address any unintended effects.

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Thursday 9 May 2024, 2pm to 3pm BST / 9am - 10am EDT


The gradual decommissioning of the 3G mobile network is currently in progress across the United Kingdom. While the 2G, 4G, and 5G networks will continue to operate, the phase-out of 3G will inevitably have adverse effects on certain segments of the population. For example, 3G SIM cards are integrated into various medical devices, highlighting a critical area of concern.

This online discussion aims to delve into the unforeseen repercussions of the 3G network’s cessation, explore effective strategies for alleviating these impacts, and discuss ways to foster greater public engagement with these ongoing developments.

Everyone is free to join the discussion. Simply login and get typing. And if you would like to be a named contributor to this written discussion please do drop us a line at:

Moderator: Katie Hyson, Director of Thought Leadership and COO, Business Fights Poverty


  1. In what ways will the 3G mobile network decommissioning affect vulnerable people?
  2. What are the effective strategies for alleviating the impacts of the 3G mobile network decommissioning?
  3. In your experience how can we best engage vulnerable groups with these ongoing developments?

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