imagine a country poor with rich resources,and a country rich with poor resources.

(Olushola Rotim Tobi) #1

it’s so debilitating to know that the country which you are in is so rich,full of resources,endowed,but the majority are so poor,living below proverty level.whereas,a country with little or no resources are exceedingly rich.take for example,country like Malasyia,exported oil palm the nursery from Nigeria,but presently they are the would producer of oil palm.even the insect that pech on it was been exported too.i believe if the prime minister of japan should have a country like Nigeria to operate on,within less than a decade,Nigeria will transform to a super power.even the ninth,not eight wonder of the world.


(Steven Aveni) #2

In the world of business it is all about strategy, whether within your country or outside of it in another. Today markets can easily be global so no matter if a country has a certain amount of capabilities or not, they can still be a contributor to the business world.

All of this comes with which countries choose to invest their time and money into that specific market. Just because a country is rich with resources does not necessarily mean they will be willing to have other countries present themselves to assist them. This may be looked at as only an opportunity for the more powerful country coming in to make a few bucks. Here enters business level expansion in foreign markets.

The goals for expansion all depends on the assets and resources of the company that will be expanding and the country/market they will try to dip into. A country can be “poor” but can “export” people to learn in other countries and harness their knowledge and capabilities in the business world, which can then bring that power back to their homeland. This is similar to Kellie Kreiser and her presentation on Thunderbird helping Afghan women (teaching them in America how to start their own business and then they take that knowledge back home to make an economic in their communities and homes). Also, an outside company may hire agents that will help with the unstable political systems and rules within the country because it is so different from their own culture. If the country’s human resource are more geocentric with similar social standards then the expanding country may choose to start up a “Greenfield” expansion with their own personnel and resources.


(folashade aina kolawole) #3

I’m still looking forward to the very day that Nigeria will eradicate poverty completely. A country full of resources with great industries that have been abandoned by the owners probably because of some government issues and the government seems to do nothing about it, rather they prefer to import because of their selfish interest.
There can only be a change the moment we are ready for many things have wrong as a result of BAD LEADERSHIP and its time for us all to WAKE UP FOR A CHANGE


(Olushola Rotim Tobi) #4

i agree with you,but in as much as our leaders have got virus of corruption,they will still infect some of our aspiring future leaders .we need to start stigmatizing them for there virus of corruption.change is what we are you and your biz and family?hope you cool?tanx for love!cheers!!!


(Olushola Rotim Tobi) #5

Dats true.and the reason for that is basically brain drain.all our educated citizens are abroad,they studied there and don’t want to return.because nothing works here in Nigeria.with no due respect,if i have that opportunity too,i won’t return permanently,rather i will just be coming in and going out of Nigeria.because i don’t know if it’s an understatement to say Nigeria is not growing,the country itself have got malnutrition,48yrs still with malfunctioning,the leaders,thats nothing to write home about.they are the real cause of Nigeria’s problem.i crave for an opportunity to travel one day,to a well developed country.
thanks for you response,hope you doing great?regards to everyone,and God bless.