Music and Business as Instruments of Peace


(shyam kuppurathanam) #143

Great discussions! Here is my take on positive ways music and business can contribute to peace and reinforce each other:

Music is universal and similarly with globalization, business is universal as well. With global reach, business could be the conduit that can help promote peace with the help of music. For example, business can sponsor music and musicians who create program that promote peace. Also, business can help these type of music with the help of social media by promoting them in places like youtube and facebook.
These activities by the business will show them that they are socially responsible and hence improve their image among their customers and hence retain their customers in the longer run. Hence a platform where business, music and peace can all thrive and make this society a better place for all!

(Michelle Valentine) #144

I agree that business and music can all be related together when we think about peace and sustainability of lives. I personally start liking music when I was 15 when a major problem happened to my family’s business. It was a shocking moment that ever happened in my life and thanks to the music that my family and I started to calm ourselves down by attending live music in our neighborhood community every week. Ever since then, we could face problems cool-headed and that I think it was because of the music that we were being very calm and peace to finally be able to recover from the debacle. All my families and I value music as we value the lives around us because indeed, music brings positivity and peace to all of our surroundings. My neighborhood community who loves to play music every week is what I look up into when we talk about an organization that could bring impact on peace, simply because people who love music can gather together as a close family to spread love and positivity, which is impactful to the sustainability of lives.

(Kendra Miller) #145

Hi Everyone! I wanted to chime into the discussion on the first question that Timothy Fort asked, which was:

What is your view on the positive ways music and business can contribute to peace and to reinforce each other?

I’ve never thought about the idea of music and business being similar, but there were some great points brought up in the discussion. It’s really interesting to see the dedication and commitment it takes to be in both professions. Both professions require a continual studying and learning to improve oneself. Music requires new songs and techniques to be learned, while business involves new problems and strategies to consider. Another similarity would be that it requires multiple people to create the big picture. In an orchestra one instrument alone will not create the same beauty as the entire group together, the same is true in business. It’s not about the individual but instead about the group and their ability to work together.

The same thing would be true in fostering peace. In order to not only create peace, but sustain it, several individuals would need to come together as one. Many people have pointed out that music is an important part to our society and holds the ability to influence millions. If the music industry was to write, perform, and emphasis peace, then society would be positively impacted even if it is on a subconscious level. The problem is, as Oliver Urbain stated it, “Many peace building activities through music do not have enough funding to be long-term.” This is where business comes in to help. By combining music and business together the two industries can work together to create a profitable model to maintain profits while striving for peace.

(Matthew Cox) #146

Responding to the overall theme of the discussion, business music and peace are all important aspects to think about and distinguish. If we can find a way to connect the positivism each brings to the world it could create a great source of furthering peace. In society today we have seen an abundance of business’s moving towards more social responsibility. If these business could harness the power music brings to our society in time of needs to communicate peaceful themes and ideas it could bring a great deal of prosperity to the surrounding area. For example if business funded an initiative to bring classical or calming music to a crime ridden neighborhood it would give the residents an opportunity to hear a different kind of music and give them the knowledge that their local businesses are looking out for them. If this can be harnessed to increase peace in the area it would be a great asset.