Request on strategies to raise funds for poverty and hunger in Nigeria and databse of donors supporting poverty and hunger project

(Odunayo Ola) #1

Dear Development colleagues,

I am Ola, O, a supporter of an organisation working to empower the vulnerable youth and women to combat poverty and overcome hunger. we achieve these through skills acquisition, access to tools and finance and sharing innovative techniques for food security.

We need strategies to raise funds for various laudable programmes and also to connect to foundations and donors with passion to fight hunger and poverty.

Together with the right tools we can overcome poverty and hunger




(Adewunmiju Peter Olutayo) #2

Hello Friend,

Getting ahead in NGO is all about making the right moves at the right time. As a NGO consultant and coach, my goal is to assist my clients in finding recommendations and solutions to make their NGO successful and sustainable.

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(Odunayo Ola) #3

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your mail and interest in our activities, we are open to your support and advice. Please furnish us on how you have been supporting NGOs in Nigeria and the results. We need strategies to raise funds mainly to implement our programmes of combating poverty and hunger in Nigeria and Africa




(CONILH de BEYSSAC Bernard) #4

Dear Ola,

May I share some ideas?

Skills do not generate (self) employment or (self)business... markets do.

Tools and assets do not generate revenue... markets do.

Access to finance does not generate wealth... markets do.

Food security... that is ALWAYS a good idea since rural economies are at least at 50% non monetary economies.

The first question any funder will ask you would be: which market(s) (employment or business market) are vulnerable youth and women targeting? A market is a combination of a (potential) offer and a demand, so what is the demand?

Why someone would hire a skilled, equipped, and bankable vulnerable youth or woman? to do what? what occupation?

What someone would buy from a skilled, equipped, and bankable vulnerable youth or woman? Who are the buyers? and what products do they want to buy?

The second and most difficult challenge that should attract a public investor is: how the services you offer to these vulnerable youth & woman will sustain themselves? Can an NGO provide those services as a commercial service or would it always need a Samaritan person for help? In other words who is benefitting from your services (and certainly NOT only the youth and women)? and who should pay for it at the end of the day or project?

Any tentative answer to these questions should help attracting any public "investor".

Maybe Peter can help you building a "business case" of these empowered youth and women that can attract a demand (market) and some public and private investors?


(Odunayo Ola) #5

Dear CONILH de BEYSSAC Bernard,

Thank you for your though provoking indepth analysis. Just to answer your questions

1 On skills acquisition- We plan to develop the skills of youth and women based on the economic opportunities in their environment and their interest. For example Cat fish aquaculture in my local area in Nigeria. The market is available and also the market can be widen through innovation such as smoking the fish and take it to restaurants,hotel and food canteens.

2. Through skills acquisition, access to finance and tools, these youth can learn skills with ready made market such as technical skills like steel fabrication, auto mechanics, electrical and electronics, break baking and related food businesses. With adequate funding and tools they can be self employed

Please we need both donors and investors. They ready made ventures are Cat fish aquaculture, Bread baking factory, Interior decoration and food canteen.

Thanks Ola,O