What Role Can Business Play in Addressing Issues Around Gender-Based Violence?

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Join us for a live written online discussion with a panel of experts to explore the role business can play in addressing issues around gender-based violence.

Live Panel

Thursday 28 March, 15:00-16:00 GMT / 11:00-12.00 EDT . ADD TO CALENDAR


More than ⅓ of people will experience gender based violence (GBV) in their lifetimes. Annual productivity losses caused by sexual harassment alone in a typical Fortune 500 company are estimated to be around US$6.7 million. In June this year, a new ILO convention could be adopted which will require governments and employers to systematically address violence, including gender based violence, and harassment in the world of work.

Companies are engaging with the issue and introducing policies to reduce incidences of GBV and its effects, but GBV still has a high prevalence, the work can be fragmented and business insight of successful actions is sparse. This online written discussion aims to shed light on the ways companies can and are pro-actively engaging with gender based violence.

We are bringing together experts from across sectors and global regions to share their insights and experience. This discussion will be useful to you, whether you are from an organisation taking your first steps in trying to understand how gender-based violence affects your business, right through to those who have been expertly working on this topic for some time. You can expect practical learnings, real insight and peer support.


Alice Allan, Challenge Expert, Business Fights Poverty
Chiara Condi, President and Founder, Led by HER
Katja Freiwald, Global Director Global Partnerships, Unilever
Laura Hawkesford, Head of Private Sector Engagement, CARE International UK
Diana Baird, Senior Social Development Specialist at International Finance Corporation, IFC
Neta Meidav, Co-Founder & CEO, The Vault

With additional contributions from Shabnam Hameed, Operations Officer, Gender, IFC and Dean Laplonge, International Gender and GBV Specialist, Factive Consulting

Moderator: Katie Hyson, Director of Insights, Business Fights Poverty


  1. Why is gender-based violence an important topic businesses should be thinking about?

  2. What are the best examples of business approaches and interventions to prevent and respond to gender-based violence?

  3. How can businesses and other organisations collaborate to address gender-based violence in workplaces and communities?

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À quelle date peut on commencer l’envoi de nos écrits.
Car je souhaite immensément prendre part à ce challenge qui est très important pour l’Afrique !


En réalité la violence Basée sur le Genre dans nos familles et le harcèlement sexuel dans nos entreprises et services constituent de véritables freins à l’épanouissement de la femme , donc un goulot d’étranglement à l’économie des familles. Je m’etendrais très prochainement sur la question si l’occasion m’en donnée.
À bientôt chers collègues

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