Investors for a "Social Venture Capital" company

(Christian Heyner) #1

We have started a project to found a “Social Venture Capital” company which aims at giving risk capital to social entrepreneurs and help them to start their business. Right now we are looking for about 20 investors who think, that such a venture capital company is a really good idea. Everybody interested please contact me to get a short factsheet and/or a detailed business plan.

(Justin DeKoszmovszky) #2

Christian, I am interested. Please send more info to jdekoz@gmail. You may also want to check out some recent publications by Arthur Wood, VP of Financing at Ashoka. He has been spearheading an effort to get the UK “CIC” and US “L3C” corporate structures adopted and set into law.


(Christian Heyner) #3

Justin, Thank you for your interest. I sent you a factsheet and a businessplan. Please let me know if you received the documents.

Best regards,


(Monday Michaels Ashibogwu) #4

I am interested.
Monday Ashibogwu

(Frank Jaksch) #5

Hi Christian,

I would be interested to learn about the progress of your venture and about your approach in generell. May I have a look at the business plan and/ or executive summary? My email address: frank.jaksch@changenergy,org

Best wishes,

Frank Jaksch

(John ALI) #6

Hi Christian,
I think this is a brilliant idea, there are lot of people out there eho have ideas but do not have the necessary resources to augment the ideas. Therefore it is critical to want to find ways and means to also come out of this financial crisis facing the world today. However, I will be happy to get more details about this initiative.
Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon.

(John ALI) #7

Am also interested

(Ayan) #8

Hi Christian,

Wondering where you re placed now on this thought and how is the implementation coming along. Would be great if you could share the snapshot and detailed business plan.

Look forward to hearing from you.


(Sidney Clouston) #9

I am seeing more and more of Kiva a facilitator for donations into qualified needing businesses. In my project I see a need
to aggrigate the many small loans to do a bulk buying of needed supplys at a lower price and then break it down. That is
part of the so called Top Down Services meeting Bottom Up Actions.

(David Migoya) #10

Hi Christian, I have just seen your Post. I am an upcoming entrepreneur Here in Kenya and i would like to know if your Project is still on. Please advice.

(Anthony Awimbo) #11


These is a very interesting approach we have recently setup an investment company Kenya with shareholders both in the UK and Kenya.

Currently we having been toying with idea of Micro Venture Capital and thought that we could maybe explore some synergy opportunities.