Music and Business as Instruments of Peace


(Constance Glen) #62

Or – perhaps in “Slack” – Slack allows for ongoing discussions –

(Timothy L. Fort) #63

I’d be happy to raise that with Zahid!!

(Olivier Urbain) #64

Great! I think this kind of platform is ideal, it allows all kinds of people to work together, but without too much control, and there is room for contradictions and different ways of doing things.

(Constance Glen) #65

There are other organizations that create collaboration in numerous ways: El Sistema and Artful Education are both educational – they also have models that encourage sustainability.

(Nancy Sue Love) #66

I agree. This works – as a structured space that remains open to possibilities.

(Lisa Teklinski) #67

The platform could possibly also lead to finding common ground and allow others to be humanized rather than dehumanized.

(Timothy L. Fort) #68

Of course, one step in doing this is that we have a clear message about how these do fit together. We have had some great ideas and explorations and this subject is so large, that such explorations will continue. But as I look in the business world at those things that “catch” the attention of business leaders - for example Conscious Capitalism or Six Sigma or Total Quality Management, etc. - is that some organization (consulting or academic) teaches the topic to consultants who go out and make money teaching businesses the good of the idea. Of course, many businesses will only hire consultants if they see that this is a way to make more money. But businesses do differ and some of them have noneconomic as well as economic goals. One could imagine targeting those companies to get them “into” the ideas

(Constance Glen) #69

Is it possible for us to have an actual project to which we all contribute? Or, that we all contribute to its design?

(Olivier Urbain) #70

Tim & Connie, realistically, is there any possibility for leadership and curating of this space? Someone would have to create some kind of flexible direction, sending reminders from time to time, consulting to set goals, and having some sort of way to herd all the cats in a meaningful direction… that takes time, commitment and energy…

(Andre de Quadros) #71

Thanks Tim, I really appreciate what you are saying. And you have articulated several models for progressive, even subversive work in business. There is some excellent experimentation in music, but not sufficient models yet.

(Timothy L. Fort) #72

I am going to go out of turn here and introduce the third question, because it is a direct extension of what we have been talking about. This may short-circuit our overall time, but it seems that including these other factors might be worthwhile given the moment of our conversation. So the third question - which again builds on what we have been talking about it is this:

How could a global infrastructure that links various players in the eco-system – i.e. artists, cultural institutions, peace building organizations and practitioners, funders, university-based programmers, social entrepreneurs, etc. – strengthen work in this area?

(Montez Snyder) #73

In trying to answer the question I think of my experiences at Kelley. For instance, what got me here today…an opportunity for extra credit. However, I think if developing an organization was the focal point of a business, marketing class or strategic management class a lot of good ideas would be generated.

(Timothy L. Fort) #74

I love honest students!

(Andre de Quadros) #75

I think the Summit did quite a lot of that. Perhaps we need to think a bit more about writing and publishing. Your book, Olivier, broke new ground.

(Andre de Quadros) #76

So, setting up a global infrastructure of powerful actors is critical.

(Olivier Urbain) #77

Or rather I would say an effective infrastructure that leaves space for committed actors…
I wouldn’t quality all of us here as powerful, but certainly as committed, and it works…

(Constance Glen) #78

I agree – I’m convinced that lack of awareness is part of the problem. A global infrastructure could help with that; also publications and ongoing workshops/classes, etc.

(Kathleen Higgins) #79

Following up on Tim’s suggestion, if there actually were seminars that businesses wanted some of their management people to take, there would have to be a good slogan of the sort mentioned. “Harmony through dissonance”? Probably not catchy enough. I’ve been impressed that the notion of “negative capability” has at least some people in leadership studies talking about it, although I don’t think anyone is doing seminars, so buzz words can even come from the likes of John Keats. But maybe some thought should be given to crafting an expression that commands attention.

(Olivier Urbain) #80

Connie asked: is there some sort of project we could work on? Yes, yes yes… Anything that will keep this group going further like in the past two years…

(Andre de Quadros) #81

I agree, Olivier. By “powerful” I meant deep, engaged, sustained.