Music and Business as Instruments of Peace


(Lisa Teklinski) #82

I think it would develop a sense of community which most people want to be part of.

(Montez Snyder) #83

Collaboration with entertainments organizations such as AFTRA(American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) would be important to getting the artist themselves involved.

(Nancy Sue Love) #84

In thinking about structure, are there musical forms that might provide useful models? Again, to use musical metaphors: have we been playing jazz together? Are we now talking about a symphony?

(Constance Glen) #85

Perhaps Tim and I could setup a “zoom” meeting for discussion of what a project might look like – for anyone who is interested. Or - perhaps do it in this space, or on something similar where it is conversations that are saved.

(Gisela Flanigan) #86

I was just thinking that. Bringing in Corporate Social Responsibility officers could go a long ways. They tend to help and open to be educated on community needs.

(Kathleen Higgins) #87

Following Nancy, maybe even thinking of business and music as sectors that provide contrasting themes that can interact and work productively together as in sonata-allegro form might be useful.

(Olivier Urbain) #88

Andre, mixing your two sentences, I think this sounds very good indeed:

“So, setting up a global infrastructure to allow deep, engaged, sustained actors to connect is critical.”

(Alain Barker) #89

Hi all, Great to see the discussion produce so much!

We’re offering a pilot ‘retreat’ in October that combines innovation thinking in business with artistic creativity. And it strikes me that this might be an interesting path for those in the business realm to more effectively understand innovation in the arts, leading to more collaborative work towards peace. More in the attached doc. I’d love to get your thoughts on this.

(Olivier Urbain) #90

Physical retreat? Is there an online component :wink: ?

(Alain Barker) #91

I could definitely create one, so that all can participate.

(Andre de Quadros) #92

How are you conceiving this retreat?

(Olivier Urbain) #93

I definitely vote for that! Too many trips this year and the next, but I’d love to join you online…

(Timothy L. Fort) #94

We’re on a roll on a bunch of stuff here. Love the metaphors and the ideas.

As some of you know, there is at least one special academic journal coming out of these conferences and while the second one may not be a self-standing issue, several articles will end up appearing in different places. That’s a step in awareness, but I do think it would be worthwhile to then take all of these articles to publish as a book as a way to capture things and to have a go-to source for some ideas.

I’m not good at social media - I’m not even on Facebook - but I’m sure that it offers a way for us to keep these conversations going.

At the risk of diluting the great contributions we have had to date on music and business, you’ll notice that the title of our businessfightspovery forum over the last 4 months has been Cultural Foundations for Peace. That could include film, sports, art, etc. On the one hand, that creates more cats to herd; on the other hand, it may provide a broader platform to articulate the ideas. Just a thought.

(Nancy Sue Love) #95

The pilot retreat that Alain describes sounds really intriguing. Along with a shared project, we need a space to share our many separate projects that may connect in unanticipated ways.

(Andre de Quadros) #96

And a platform for meaningful enquiry

(Constance Glen) #97

I think a broader platform is fine, as long there is a shared vision. That is actually the goal of creating sustainability –

(Olivier Urbain) #98

I would vote to keep it as “Music, Business and Peace,” but inviting contributions from all forms of arts and cultural endeavors…

(Alain Barker) #99

From the Business Side: Empathy, Ideation, Prototyping, Design Thinking, etc.
From the Art Side: Meditation, Performance, Psychology of expression, etc.
Participants are artists, not-for-profit leaders, for-profit leaders, and higher-ed professionals

(Constance Glen) #100

So we are coming up with several ongoing projects:

An ongoing conversations with a platform where we can discuss goals; ways and means

A project that could have an outcome, and could be designed for sustainability

Broadening the scope, as Tim has already done to include film, sports and other “community” endeavors.

Joining in on Alain’s retreat

(Andre de Quadros) #101

I agree, Alain; you’re thinking about this really broadly.