Music and Business as Instruments of Peace


(Timothy L. Fort) #102

Maybe it is because I’m a lawyer, but I can argue both sides of this one in terms of a broader platform or not . For example, I run a peace film series with the IU Cinema which opens us to film. And some of the contributions to our conference - for example, the film Sweet Dreams - comes from that. On the other hand, it might be good for those themes to emerge on their own and then share with them rather than try to fold them in right now

(Olivier Urbain) #103

Arrgh, the famous ambivalence of lawyers… :thinking:

(Constance Glen) #104

I’d like to add empathy to the art side as well – and emotion

(Lisa Teklinski) #105

A docuseries like “30 for 30” but with music and business would be a great way to get different perspectives under the same umbrella in a very captivating way.

(Nancy Sue Love) #106

I agree with Olivier that “music, business, and peace” needs to be the thread running through other themes that may emerge. That was how I understood the film Sweet Dreams.

(Constance Glen) #107

great idea - Tim – some of the cultural groups are more obvious fits than others – perhaps that is a way to work through the boundaries. Film, for instance – uses music pretty effectively –

(Andre de Quadros) #108

I think empathy belongs on all sides.

(Alain Barker) #109

Agreed. I think that keeping our intent focused on the intersections of music-business-peace is important. A retreat like this that opens the experience of innovation thinking (from a business perspective) and artistic creativity might be an interesting way to develop more meaningful collaboration between business folks and artists.

(Constance Glen) #110

Do you have a date for this? I didn’t see the attachment –

(Alain Barker) #111

October 25-28. I’m going to try to upload the file again…2018 BROCHURE-OCT-LOWRES.pdf (230.6 KB)

(Olivier Urbain) #112

On another note, I was just thinking… the combination of music and business itself allows for the merging of paradoxical virtues. For instance,

Music = emotions, feelings, sensations + Business = rationality, planning = Result is something greater.

Music = grounded in the here and now + Business = sustainability, long-term profit = Result is something greater.

(Gisela Flanigan) #113

This is from the Americans for the Arts webpage:
" the pARTnership Movement to provide businesses and arts organizations with the tools they need to create meaningful partnerships that support a healthy, creative, and artistic community, but that also give businesses a competitive advantage. The pARTnership Movement demonstrates how the arts can help businesses enhance the critical thinking and creative skills of their workforce and how arts organizations can develop new innovative business strategies. Together, they can advance the communities in which they live and work in new and resourceful ways."
The idea of adding the concept of peace can be added to the equation.

(Timothy L. Fort) #114

It sounds like we have some strong ideas for future work. Alain and Connie have the gift of capturing things and keeping us organized while I wander off into philosophical flights of fancy and I know they will be able to organize these thoughts. We will find a way to report back out to you all, at least with respect to the email list we already have and perhaps through some kind of new social media-based shared space we can create.

This has been a terrific hour of discussions as well as an excellent four-month dialogue and, for that matter, 2-3 year experiment. We have just a couple of minutes left if anyone would like to offer a concluding thought.

(Andre de Quadros) #115

Yes, of course, add peace, and then find the sweet spot where the arts converge with business.

(Alain Barker) #116

Love these descriptions. Part of the concept of the retreat is to explore ‘internal’ entrepreneurship (the artist’s mindset and practice) and ‘external’ entrepreneurship (typically thought of as the business mindset and practice)

(Andre de Quadros) #117

Happy to help in any way in concept development.

(Nancy Sue Love) #118

The combination of music and business also involves some political-economic similarities, though, for example, multiple voices, ordered forms, and market incentives.

(Constance Glen) #119

I would also like to look at what Brandeis is doing — I they have created some good models.
Cynthia Cohen is the director there.

(Olivier Urbain) #120

Last thoughts for today? Many thanks for Tim & Connie, Alain and the other founders of this awesome space… more thanks to the bfp team… looking forward to contributing whatever I can to continue the team work… Thanks to all for great exchanges!

(Kathleen Higgins) #121

Yes, thanks to you all.